Hanita Titan Duo Blackout

Our latest job in Broadhempston, Devon involved installed one of the darkest window films to create a blackout at night. This was an occupation therapy advisement to help with a child sleeping, window blinds weren’t an option as they can easily be pulled off the window.

Once installed Hanita Titan 5 reduces the light levels to 7%. This means that at night the room will be virtually blacked out to help with sleeping. During the day although the light levels are reduced it is easy to see out and with the window film bonded to the glass it is a much more permanent solution.

Hanita Titan 5 Benefits

  • 7% Visible light transmission
  • 18% Low interior reflectance to preserve the views
  • 60% Exterior reflectance for privacy
  • 99% UV protection
  • 71% Total solar energy rejected
  • 91% Glare reduction
  • 12 Year warranty

Window film are the solution for a variety of problems. Dark films for reducing light to facilitate sleeping, glare reduction and solar control. Clear and very lightly tinted films for uv fade protection. Frosted and mirrored window films can create privacy with the obscure or reflective finishes.

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