Hanita Anti-Graffiti Plastic Protection

Hanita Anti-Graffiti Plastic Protection

This was our latest application of Hanita Anti-Graffiti Plastic Protection film to a RNLI lifeboat Launch and Recovery system.

Once fitted with Anti-Graffiti window film the cab is fitted with several sets of windscreen wipers, these would normally scratch the acrylic windows especially with the sand and sea water spray over the cab. The protective film takes all the damage leaving the acrylic untouched and like new.

Hanita Anti-Graffiti window film provides protection for plastics and glass, its special scratch-resistant coating shrugs off most spray, paint and pen, and wipes clean with standard cleaning materials. Removing and replacing etched or scratched film is quick and simple due to the film’s easy-to-remove adhesive.

Protects polycarbonate and PMMA from graffiti, vandalism and everyday wear and tear. Ideal for flat plastic-glazed bus shelters, safety guards and glass balustrades, walkways, stadiums and pools. Stops graffiti vandals with a wipe-clean surface that shrugs off most spray, paint, pen and acid. Acts as sacrificial barrier to protect against etching and scratching.



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