Does Window Film Affect Plants?

Our latest Solargard Sterling 40 window film installation at Homecourt, Exeter. Our customer required a window film to reduce the solar heat whilst allowing light through to help the plants grow.

How does window film affect plants?

Modern window films are designed to reduce solar heat and uv rays whilst letting in natural light for plants and occupants. Plants require sunlight to grow, they don’t need uv rays, window films block uv whilst letting in red and blue light which plants need to grow. Red and blue light is vital for plants, red light promotes flowering and blue promotes the healthy growth of leaves.

Plants with variegated leaves – lighter in the centre require a lot of sunlight would be better with a clear uv film. Plants with dark green leaves have more chlorophyll. This allows them to use sunlight more efficiently even in low-light conditions, allowing them to thrive in a house with tinted windows. Installing a window film can allow your plants to thrive by regulating the sunlight and excessive heat across the day.

This was the feedback from our customer after having the window film installed –
“Just a short note to say how impressed we are by the window film you installed for us. The glare is notably reduced and room temperature remained comfortable during the recent hot weather – all with no noticeable reduction in transparency and illumination. Even the plants in the bay window seem happy”

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