AV Dual 09 Conservatory Glare

Our latest project was to reduce glare coming in through a conservatory roof in Exeter. This conservatory was being used as an office and the customer had resorted to sellotaping black bin liners to the conservatory roof to block the sunlight and glare…

Usually a dark window film around 20% light transmission reduces glare to around 80% along with 70% solar control. If glare is the main issue then it is possible to use a film rated between 5-10% light transmission such as Johnson NightScape 05 or AV Dual 09, this then reduces the glare to around 90-94%. Although the glare reduction increases the solar control will remain around 70%. For a conservatory roof a really dark window film is still a better option than retrofitting a solid roof which costs a fortune and blocks out all the light.

AV Dual 09 Window Film Benefits

  • 9% Visible light transmission
  • 18% Low interior reflection to preserve nighttime views
  • 63% Exterior reflectance for full daytime privacy
  • 99% UV block
  • 82% Total solar energy rejected
  • 90% Glare reduction

If you require glare reduction or solar control in your conservatory contact Devon Window Tinting on:

Exeter:   01392 595186
Newton Abbot:   01626 445186
Torquay:   01803 645186

2 thoughts on “AV Dual 09 Conservatory Glare”

  1. Hi

    What would be the best film to apply for a glass double glazed conservatory roof which is already blue tinted to reduce glare and heat?

    • Hi Suzie

      If it’s Pilkington Activ™ Blue the colour tends to just blend into the new film especially if it’s fairly dark which is normal for maximum heat and glare reduction.

      You could try several window film samples to see how they look beforehand.

      Johnson Window Films also have Architectural Mirror Blue which would enhance the blue colour.

      Let me know if you’re local and require any window film samples – via the enquiry form.




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