Titan Duo 05 Window Tint

Titan Duo 05 Window Tint

This office in Sowton, Exeter required a dark window tint to prevent glare from the sun. With the window blinds always shut and strategically placed pieces of cardboard, a more permanent solution was required. Initially we tested a Silver 20 window film on a couple of windows, with a glare reduction of 79% and total solar energy rejected of 70% this is one of our most popular choices of window film for offices.

After a couple of weeks testing the Silver 20 wasn’t blocking enough glare with the low winter sun. Due to the type of glazing installed the darker window film choices were restricted, too much solar absorption from the wrong choice of window film and there would be a risk of thermal stress fractures.

Hanita Coatings provide a couple of interior windows films in their dual reflective series  – Optitune 05 and Titan Duo 05 which were both suitable. Our supplier kindly provided a couple of large samples which we then installed alongside the Silver 20 window film samples. Although the Optitune 05 offered 93% glare reduction the final choice was the Titan Duo 05 with 91% glare reduction and a slightly higher visible light transmission.

Interior view with blinds and Titan Duo 05

Exterior view with Titan Duo 05

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