T6 Rear Window Tint

VW Transporter T6 Global QDP 15

Our latest window tint for Cambee in Buckfastleigh, Devon. This camper conversion by Cambee needed the rear window tinted to match the rest of the windows. The aftermarket side windows have approx 20% visible light transmission. Global QDP 15 is the perfect match providing a similar amount of light transmission when applied to the standard … Read more

Transporter Rear Tint

VW T5 Transporter Window Tint Rear Doors

A VW Transporter rear tint for Cambee camper conversions at their new location in Buckfastleigh, Devon. For this job we used Global QDP 15 window film, a medium grade tint (16% visible light transmission) which matches most factory window tints. Window Film – Benefits Enhance AppearanceThe Global window films add a touch of class to … Read more

VW Transporter T5 Window Tint

VW Transporter T5 Window Tint

Our latest job at Buyrite in Newton Abbot was a VW Transporter T5 window tint in limo black. Although this van had privacy glass from the factory it isn’t really dark enough to protect the contents from prying eyes. With our Global QDP 05 limo tint the windows are darkened down, this makes it extremely … Read more

Vauxhall Transporter T6 Window Tint

Vauxhall Transporter T6 Window Tinting Global QDP

Vauxhall Transporter T6 Window Tint Our latest Vauxhall Transporter T6 window tint for a regular customer on the Marsh Barton Trading Estate, Exeter. This van came with tinted venus glass which provides roughly a light medium privacy tint, we installed Global QDP 05 limo tint which provides maximum privacy and when installed over venus glass it … Read more

Global QDP Limo Tint Vauxhall Vivaro

Global QDP Limo Tint Vauxhall Vivaro

Global QDP Limo Tint Vauxhall Vivaro Our latest Vauxhall Vivaro window tint for the local van dealership in Exeter. This van required a full limo tint to add privacy to the rear end of the van, we use Global QDP 05 window film which provides that classic dark limo look. Global QDP Benefits Fast Drying … Read more