Office Tinting Okehampton

Quantum Cryogenics Solar Control Window Film Okehampton

Our latest window film installation in Okehampton, Devon for Quantum. Having installed window film on the main offices in 2017, this new office extension required the same Solargard Sterling 40 window film to reduce the heat and glare whilst maintaining adequate light levels. Sterling 40 is the perfect window film for medium privacy along with … Read more

Medium Residential Privacy Film Okehampton

Sterling 40 Medium Privacy Film Okehampton

In April we installed Solargard Sterling 40 winduow film to this bungalow in Okehampton to increase privacy whilst maintaining good light levels. Our customer was so pleased with the results of the film they decided to have the rest of the lounge windows, patio doors and study tinted. Completing the rest of the main room … Read more

Medium Privacy Film for Hotels

Sid Valley Country House Hotel Sterling 40 Privacy Film

Our latest Solargard Sterling 40 window film installation near Sidbury, Devon for the Sid Valley Country House Hotel. This job followed on from a recent installation we carried out at Woodleys joinery in Newton Poppleford who supplied some new windows for the hotel. Having already fitted Sterling 40 to these windows we installed some more … Read more

Residential Privacy Film in Abbotskerswell

Solargard Sterling 40 Medium Privacy Film

Our latest residential privacy film installation in Abbotskerswell. This property was overlooked and the owner wanted to replace the net curtains with a more modern look. Solargard Sterling 40 provides the perfect balance of privacy and light. This film is lightly tinted, hardly noticeable from the inside with a subtle, reflective finish outside. If you have … Read more

Solargard Sterling Window Film for Residential Privacy

Solargard Sterling Window Film for Residential Privacy

Our latest residential privacy tint on this bungalow in Torquay, Devon. Solargard Sterling 40 has become our favourite window film for residential properties. Its warm neutral appearance with an elegantly subtle 36% external reflectance. This film is perfect in the residential sector, adding privacy whilst not looking highly reflective. Internally the Sterling 40 has a … Read more