Solar Control Fade Protection Dawlish

AV Spectral Solar Control Fade Protection Dawlish

Living in Dawlish with its sun-soaked days sounds delightful, but it can present a challenge when it comes to controlling the amount of solar gain within your home or office without sacrificing the natural light. The solution? Spectrally selective multi-alloy solar control films designed for such situations. These innovative films work by being highly selective … Read more

AV Spectral UV Fade

AV Spectral UV Fade

Our latest window film installation in Mid Devon was for a customer looking for a uv protection window film to block the damaging sun rays which would fade the interior furnishings. AV Spectral 70, spectrally selective multi alloy solar control film. Designed to be selective in the solar light spectrum offering a compromise between high … Read more

Solargard LX Fade Protection

Solargard LX Fade Protection

Our latest project in Torquay was to install Solargard LX fade protection window film. The LX series of films is at the technological forefront of window films, with the highest rated TSER (Total solar energy rejection) to Translucence (the amount of light flow) factor on the market. The product gives flawless clarity while keeping you … Read more

EMF RF Shielding Window Film

Solargard Sterling 40 window film on this property at Harberton, Totnes. EMF RF Shielding Solar Gard Sterling Window Film

EMF RF Shielding Window Film Our latest project in the Totnes area was the installation of EMF RF Shielding window film to block out signals penetrating into the house.  The choice of Solar Gard Sterling 40 window film provided high EMF RF shielding whilst adding some extra privacy to some overlooked windows and maintaining high light … Read more