Mirror Blue Skylight Film Exeter

Skylight Tinting Exeter Johnson MBL20 Glare Reduction

Our latest window film installation on some skylights in Exeter. These skylights were too light and causing glare issues. For this type of situation normally any window film with around 20% light transmission will reduce glare by approx 70-80%. Our customer opted for Johnsons Mirror Blue 20 (MBL20) window film which reduces glare by 78% … Read more

Mirror Blue Window Film Paignton

Architectural Window Film MBL20

Our latest window film installation for The Boathouse bar and grill in Paignton, Devon. These windows were west facing and in the afternoon the sunshine was too intense causing glare problems for diners. Johnson’s architectural window film range features coloured metallised films in striking reflective colours. Available in Blue, Green or Gold these films will … Read more

Matching Office Tint MBL20

Matching Office Tint MBL20

Matching Office Tint MBL20 Originally we were called to this office in Newton Abbot to supply and fit Silver 20 window film after a window had been replaced. The existing windows which had been previously tinted had a distinctive blue hue. Luckily one of our popular window films – Johnson’s Architectural MBL20 (mirror blue) was … Read more