Solargard Silver 50

Solargard Silver 50

A Solargard Silver 50 window tint for the boardroom of a local company in Newton Abbot.

After the old window film installed around 20 years ago had disintegrated, a new window film was required to provide heat rejection whilst allowing plenty of light into the boardroom. This film also needed to provide a similar look externally to the other tinted windows and the closest match was the Solar Gard Silver 50 window film.

Solargard Silver 50 provides 50% total solar energy rejected with 53% light transmission and 99% uv protection.

This job was difficult due to the old frames which were caked in dust, flaking paint and loose putty, also with the old film completely disintegrating there were lots of tiny specks of old film which covered everything in a glitter effect. The risk of contamination was extremely high so we took the decision to remove all the old film and clean the frames the day before the main window film installation. This enabled us to carefully remove the old window film and adhesive residue, scrape the windows and clean up the old frames without the worry of dust particles passing onto the new window film. Once the windows were cleaned up, we vacuumed the boardroom and left the main installation until the next day.

Even after the thorough cleaning job there was still a high risk of dried window putty falling into the window film during installation, so we carefully taped the window frames with waterproof heavy duty duct tape. This technique worked really well and the job was completed on schedule.



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