Solargard Bronze 35 Window Film

Our latest project in Bovey Tracey was a residential property requiring a subtle reflective window film to blend in whilst providing increased privacy. A harsh Silver 20 / Bronze 20 window film would provide too much mirroring and would have looked out of keeping on a residential property. With low light levels already in the downstairs room a medium reflective film was the perfect choice which enhanced the external reflectivity of the window film, often large windows and dual aspect rooms will still require a more reflective window film due to how the light pollution weakens the effect of the film.

Residential window tinting is often more difficult than commercial projects, as it is a case of balancing the light loss with the desired effect for the customer. Initially we tinted a couple of the downstairs windows and then the customer assessed the results over several days to make sure the window film provided the right level of privacy.

Solargard Solar Bronze 35 window film provides a warm copper finish to your glazing, the external reflection of 32% provides a good degree of privacy but is almost unnoticeable once applied to the windows.

Solargard Solar Bronze 35 Film Specifications

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