Reflective Window Film for Increased Privacy

Reflective Window Film for Increased Privacy

Our latest installation was on a bungalow in Chudleigh, Devon for the Firefighters Charity at Harcombe House.

Having previously installed some Silver 20 external reflective window film to some laminated windows a couple of years ago and seeing the benefits reflective window film can provide, they decided the Silver 20 window film would be the perfect solution to provided increased privacy on one of the bungalows. Luckily these windows were either toughened or normal glazing and suitable for an internal window film installation which has a 12 year warranty.

Hanita Silver 20 window film provides full daytime privacy with its highly reflective finish (exterior reflectance 61%). Along with privacy the Silver 20 window films provide full uv protection, excellent solar heat and glare rejection.

Here are a few photos of before and after so you can see how effective our reflective window films are. Silver 20 is one of the most popular window films on the market due to its mirrored finish and superb heat and glare rejection capabilities.

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