Privacy Film for Bottom Half of Window

Our latest privacy film installation in Exeter was on a residential property which was now overlooked by a student accommodation block.

Our customer wanted to keep as much light as possible whilst increasing the privacy at the same time. There is a risk when only applying window film to part of a window that the privacy element will be reduced especially if you have a dual aspect room, this is because the window film needs a 3:1 or 4:1 light ratio with the outside being lighter to make it reflective. These were the only windows in this room and the effect was perfect.

Hanita Silver 20 window film provides maximum daytime privacy with its 61% external reflectance, perfect for increasing your privacy and screening out neighbours especially near pedestrian areas or when overlooked by nearby properties.

For a wide range of residential and commercial privacy films contact Devon Window Tinting on 01392 595186.

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