New Improved NightScape NS15

New Improved NightScape NS15

New Improved NightScape NS15

Johnsons new improved NightScape NS15 window film offers a far superior 72% heat reduction – up from 52%, also glare reduction has been increased to 84%.

Several of the Johnson NightScape window films have been given a major overhaul, with added reflectivity to the exterior surface of the film which dramatically increases the heat reduction by around 20% whilst still retaining its incredibly low neutral interior reflection for a glass like finish.

This increase in reflectivity lowers the solar absorption which previously could have led to a glazing failure, the solar absorption has been reduced from 54% to a safer 45% making this window film compatible with a much wider range of glazing in homes and offices.

  • Reverse Hybrid Construction
  • High Heat Rejection
  • Blocks 99% Harmful UV Rays
  • Scratch Resistant Hardcoat
  • Factory Warranty
  • High Glare Reduction


Clear Glassclear89%14%8%0%
NS 35dual reflective36%50%17%60%
NS 25dual reflective24%65%33%73%
NS 15dual reflective14%72%40%84%
NS 07dual reflective8%73%39%91%
NS 05dual reflective6%69%12%93%


As you can see from the pictures, the new improved NightScape NS15 is darker with a rich colour improving the glare reduction.





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