Leisure Bungalow Glare Reduction

Our latest window film installation on this leisure bungalow at Regency Court, Stover. These windows facing the afternoon sun were causing glare issues into the bungalow. After trying a variety of dark window films our customer chose Hanita Titan Duo 5.

Hanita Titan window films are dual reflective featuring a reflective outer finish for high solar energy rejection with a less reflective inner finish. The exterior reflective provides excellent solar control to prevent heat buildup whilst the low interior reflectance ensures a lightly tinted, natural appearance. Manufactured with a proprietary nano-technological development for exceptional durability and no-fade color.

Titan 5 provides 91% glare reduction which is one of the highest ratings available in the window film market. Whilst we would only normally recommend a window film around 20% which provides 79% glare reduction to preserve some of the natural light, these modern glazed areas can have a much darker window film applied to reduce the glare further whilst still allowing significant light through the lower glazed areas.

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