Land Rover Defender Window Tint

Land Rover Defender Window Tint

Our latest tint job was a Land Rover Defender tint in the Honiton area. Luckily this one didn’t have sliding windows as they are very difficult to tint. The customer chose Global QDP 15, this is a medium tint which provides that classic factory tinted look.

As I have always fitted windscreens and side windows to a variety of vehicles since 1987 I find it easier to remove these windows and then tint past the rubber edges. This produces a much neater finish than butting the window film up to the rubbers which can result in light gaps. Once the window has set enough in the sun it just takes a couple of minutes to pop the windows back in – simples!

The alpine lights are normally awkward to tint, this time I decided to avoid any heat shrinking and just install the film with excellent results.



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