Holiday Cottage Privacy Film in Dartmouth

Our latest privacy film installation on a Dartmouth holiday cottage.

This holiday cottage with a small kitchen needed a better solution on the patio doors. The blinds were getting damaged and dirty and a practical solution was needed. By installing Hanita Silver 35 window film the doors were transformed to provide instant privacy for the guests and a nice clean unobstructed finish.

Window film is also very easy to clean and with the current covid issues this will be beneficial for the holiday rental owner in terms of cleaning the house between rentals.

Hanita Silver 35 is a medium reflective window film which provides good amount of daytime privacy whilst allowing a reasonable amount of light transmission.

  • Visible light transmission 31%
  • External reflectance 44%
  • Ultraviolet protection 99%
  • Total solar energy rejected 58%
  • Glare reduction 62%

For a wide range of privacy window films contact Devon Window Tinting on 01626 445186.

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