Hanita Perlite Window Film Advanced Ceramic Technology

Hanita Perlite Window Film Advanced Ceramic Technology

Hanita PerLite window film, previously known as the Cold Steel series delivers excellent solar energy control with low reflectance. PerLite has a neutral grey colour and tough, non corroding longevity.

What is advanced ceramic technology?  It is a durable, ceramic-based film which is manufactured by depositing semi- transparent, advanced ceramic layers on ultra-clear film.  These advanced ceramic, metalloid coatings provide a form of spectral selectivity giving relatively high reflectivity in the Infra-Red (IR) region of the electromagnetic spectrum and relatively low reflectivity in the visible light region of the electromagnetic spectrum.  This provides more effective heat rejection with a less reflective appearance.

PerLite’s neutral appearance, solar control and competitive price make it the perfect choice of window film for residential, commercial and retail glazing projects.

This south-facing house in the Thurlestone area required a window film to reduce fading from uv along with solar control to minimise the additional fading from heat and light.

PerLite 20 window film is an excellent choice with 56% total solar energy rejected, 99% uv block, 31% low external reflectance and 75% glare reduction. All these combined offer high fade protection for your furnishings.

Here are a few pictures of the PerLite window film installation, as you can see PerLite provides a neutral colour and low external reflection.

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Hanita PerLite 20 Film Specification


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