Ford Galaxy Global QDP Window Tint

Ford Galaxy Global QDP Window Tint

Our latest window tint for Vospers in Exeter – Ford Galaxy Global QDP window tint.

Having only just taken delivery of the car and a customer due to drive it to the south of France, it was a bit of a last minute job. Luckily the latest Ford Galaxy is a fairly easy window tint, the rear window requires a little more time to heat shrink due to the curve dropping away towards the bottom of the window.

As always we remove the rear door windows and tint to the edges, then file the window film flush with the window edge to give a perfect factory finish, this takes a little longer but we feel the end result is well worth it with no light gaps. All our installations are carried out with bottled filtered water to ensure there is no additional contamination, this removes any water quality issues when working in various garages and dealerships.

Usually these are done to match the factory tint with a Global QDP 15% medium window film, as this vehicle would be carry some equipment at times, a Global QDP 5% (limo black window film) window tint was chosen.

Global QDP 5% window film provides full privacy, this film is ideal if you carry tools or equipment in cars and vans as it will make it extremely difficult for anyone to see into the vehicle.

Global QDP 5% Window Film Benefits

  • Full privacy, helps security by hiding storage in the vehicle
  • Reduces harmful UV rays by 99%
  • Reduces glare
  • Scratch resistant
  • Reduces fading
  • Superior heat rejection

Global QDP Film Specifications


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