Dermagard Window Film Exeter

Our latest Dermagard installation in Exeter to provide 99.9% uv protection for the homeowner.

Having had Hanita Dermagard UV blocking window film installed around 12 years ago our customer decided to have the window film replaced to ensure there was no reduction in the levels of uv protection provided. Most window films have a 12 year warranty and after this period sometimes the performance can deteriorate, this usually depends on the glazing and how much the sunlight has affected the film. A sick uv meter test still registered over 99% uv protection but our customer opted to play safe and replace the film as it would need to be done at some point.

Hanita Dermagard is a museum grade uv filter film which blocks 99.8% of UVA and UVB rays, virtually without altering the clarity of the glass. Suitable for residential, commercial, museums and shop fronts. UV filter film slows fading and deterioration of fabrics, upholstery, merchandise and wood and provides excellent protection from uv damage to skin and eyes.

Worldwide, there are millions of people who suffer from sensitivity to Ultra Violet light to some degree, and many for whom exposure to UV is, ultimately, life threatening. The distressing symptoms range from inconvenient and painful prickly heat type reactions to the potentially life threatening conditions which affect the sufferers of the more severe, but much rarer, groups of diseases such as xeroderma pigmentosum.

For these sufferers, exposure to UV can affect the skin, the nervous system and eyes, and without constant monitoring can lead to cancers. Many of these conditions are generic, and therefore most likely to affect children, but in some cases the effects can be delayed until adulthood.

For most of these sufferers, and their families, life has to be lived away from sunlight, often behind closed curtains, and venturing outdoors is only to be done at night, or muffled in protective clothing. Now many sufferers are finding life a little brighter, as they can open the curtains and enjoy the sunshine. In most instances, the film can be applied within a day, to all the windows and other glass panels, without disruption or mess.

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Dermagard UV window film Exeter
Dermagard UV window film Exeter

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