Conservatory Glare Reduction

Conservatory Glare Reduction

Often conservatories added to bungalows suffer from extra glare and solar heat problems due to the lower roofs allowing far more sunshine in throughout the day.

Glare and solar heat were making this conservatory in East Devon unusable at certain times of the year. Johnson Nightscape window film range offer a variety of shades from NightScape NS05 to NS35, providing optical clarity without the harsh reflectivity found in many films today. Most mirrored films have 30-50% interior reflection and a similar exterior reflection. Glass has a normal interior reflectance of around 8%, NightScape window film offers a glass like low interior reflection between 7 – 12%. With a unique hybrid construction – a charcoal dyed layer on top of an aluminium metalled film – NightScape will not only provide a soft glare-free view, but it will also deliver excellent heat rejection and strong UV protection.

The photos taken during the window film installation show the dramatic effect window tinting can have on your conservatory roof in terms of reducing glare. Whilst not visible the total solar heat rejection can be up to 80%.

Other options include window blinds, but these are extremely expensive and offer little in the way of solar heat rejection as the heat has already passed through the window. Window blinds also trap dirt, dust, flies and other debris and often look tatty a couple of years after fitting along with fading issues – Johnson NightScape window films require no maintenance, all our NightScape window films will never fade and come with a durable CST” scratch resistant hardcoat.

Recently the NightScape window film has been improved with an additional metallized layer added to the film, this provides you with better energy savings, improved privacy and comfort.

  • Higher heat rejection
  • Non-reflective interior
  • Increased glare protection





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