Silver 20 Glare Reduction Window Film

Silver 20 Glare Reduction Window Film Comparison

Silver 20 Glare Reduction Window Film Another section of this office in Sowton, Exeter was also suffering with some glare and sunshine reflecting from an adjacent window tint in another building. With 79% glare reduction Hanita Silver 20 provides the perfect solution of glare reduction whilst maintaining 17% visible light transmission.

Silver 20 School Privacy Film

Silver 20 School Privacy Film

Silver 20 School Privacy Film This school in the Launceston area required a Silver 20 privacy film to be installed on the main foyer for an added layer of security. Having previously installed a Johnsons Architechural MBL 20 on the staffroom, a greater level of reflection was required on the main entrance. Silver 20 always … Read more

Johnson NightScape NS05 Window Film

Johnson NightScape NS05 Window Film Exterior View 2

Johnson NightScape NS05 Window Film This installation in Sowton, Exeter required Johnson NightScape NS 05 window film to solve a glare problem. With a large projector in the boardroom, the light from the windows caused a reflection on the screen making it difficult to see during meetings. With a unique design, the walls and windows … Read more

Silver 20 Privacy Film

Hanita Silver 20 Privacy Film by Devon Window Tinting

Silver 20 Privacy Film We installed Hanita Silver 20 privacy film on this holiday home in Dartmouth. With a path running alongside the windows people have a tendency to peer in. Hanita Silver 20 window film is highly reflective (61% exterior reflection) and provides full daytime privacy. Fed up with people looking in your windows? … Read more

Solargard Silver 50

Solar Gard Silver 50 Window Tint

Solargard Silver 50 A Solargard Silver 50 window tint for the boardroom of a local company in Newton Abbot. After the old window film installed around 20 years ago had disintegrated, a new window film was required to provide heat rejection whilst allowing plenty of light into the boardroom. This film also needed to provide … Read more

Solar Bronze 20 Privacy Film

Solar Bronze 20 Privacy Film

Solar Bronze 20 Privacy Film This bungalow near Newton Abbot required a privacy film to reduce vision into the property as it is close to a road. Solargard Solar Bronze 20 window film offers excellent one way privacy with its highly mirrored finish and also provides high heat rejection.  

PerLite 50 Window Film

Hanita PerLite Window Film

PerLite 50 Window Film This south-facing property in Teignmouth required good heat rejection without losing all the light on some velux style roof windows. Initially a much darker window film was considered by the customer, after testing several window film samples the Hanita Perlite 50 offered almost as much heat rejection as a much darker … Read more

Solar Bronze Window Film

Solar Bronze Window Film after

Solar Bronze Window Film This south-facing conservatory in Chudleigh had Solar Bronze window film installed to provide better solar heat control. The old fitted sun blinds had deteriorated and also acted as a fly trap making it hard to keep clean. The Solargard Solar Bronze 20 provides excellent solar heat rejection and glare reduction, with … Read more

Solargard Solar Bronze 20

Solargard Solar Bronze Window Film

Solargard Solar Bronze 20 This conservatory in Exminster required heat reduction and the old roof blinds had deteriorated leaving gaps for the sunlight to shine through. Solargard Solar Bronze window film offers a warm bronze finish to the existing glazing. The Solar Bronze 20 HC provides high solar heat rejection and significant glare reduction along … Read more

Architectural MBL 20

Johnsons Architectural MBL 20 Window Film

Architectural MBL 20 Window Film Johnsons Architectural MBL 20 window film applied to a conservatory roof to reduce the heat build up during the day. The Architectural MBL 20 window film is highly reflective and delivers excellent heat rejection whilst also reducing glare. All Johnson’s Architectural window films have bold distinct colours which will enhance … Read more

Dog Friendly Window Tint

Window Film for Dogs

Dog Friendly Window Tint Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service recently added a VW Tranporter for the USAR Urban Search and Rescue. The bespoke dog van which is fitted with air conditioning throughout, had a standard tailgate glass which would allow all the solar heat to pass straight into the vehicle. The Llumar ATC … Read more