AV Dermagard UV Filter Film

AV Dermagard UV Filter Film

This Grade 1 listed Tudor manor house near Wellington in Devon required AV Dermagard UV Filter film to stop the uv rays penetrating through the windows on the southern aspect.

The room had been restored with hand painted baroque wallpaper and our AV Dermagard window film will provide 99.8% uv protection for all the furnishings and wall coverings.

AV Dermagard UV window film is extensively used in museums, on shop fronts and in homes to provide fade protection for fabrics and furnishings. UV film is also recommended for protecting people suffering from acute sensitivity to ultra-violet light.

AV Dermagard Product Details

Ultra clear UV film rejecting 99.8% of Ultra Violet light at 380nm range. Ideal for helping to reduce fading and degradation to furniture and fittings. Used extensible to help reduce the effects of XP skin conditions.

This product carries a full 10 years Manufacturer’s warranty when professionally installed.

As you can see in the pictures the sunlight streams through in the afternoon sun, without a UV filter film this would rapidly cause fading to the interior furnishings. Our Dermagard UV film is optically clear so it maintains the look and appearance of the windows and home whilst giving maximum protection.



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